Saturday, September 7, 2013

Upcoming SI Report: Oklahoma State Paid Players In Cash And Sex

The Oklahoman has uncovered details from an upcoming Sports Illustrated article revealing improprieties dating back to the pre-2005 Les Miles era at Oklahoma State. Among the allegations are coaches and boosters paying players (including an assistant coach offering bonuses), football players not attending class and having tutors do their work for them, grade changing, and hostesses in the Orange Pride program offering sex to high school recruits.
(For the uninitiated, a hostess is a co-ed who shows prospective recruits around campus, including local parties. A good example for this case would be the Jesus Shuttlesworth-Jill Kelly-Chasey Lain scene in He Got Game, as seen above).
The assistant coach's payments allegedly went into 2011 before he left for West Virginia.
College football: always finding new ways to make you feel dirty.
Read more at The Oklahoman. Image courtesy Bleacher Report.

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